Travel with us in space and time!

-Maximum number of passengers: 20
-We offer half day, full day and multi-day trips.

-The Robur bus is non-smoking, but moderate alcohol consumption is allowed.
-On the Robur child seat is not obligatory for children according to the Hungarian law.
-On the Robur bus you can listen to your favourite music through a bluetooth 200W Marshall Woburn loudspeaker.
-There is no air-conditioning on the Robur bus. However, you will not feel uncomfortable during a warm summer either thanks to the air-shafts and open windows. In winter OEM oil stove provides heat.
-Dogs are allowed on the Robus bus. If you do not have a dog, we can provide one to you. 🙂

The Robur is maintained perfectly. It in a good working order, but in case a technical problem occures due to its old-timer nature, we do not have an alternative bus. In such cases we do not offer compensation. Of course, we will try to solve every problem in time.